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Last updated: 01-03-2024

Managing Your Connected Stripe Account

Checkout Branding

When your supporters are ready to donate, they are navigated to a Stripe checkout session to make their payment. Checkout sessions can be branded with your organisation logo/icon and colours, enhancing the donation experience:

  • Navigate to your Stripe branding settings
  • Upload your logo and/or icon
  • Change the brand/accent colour if required.
  • Click Save changes

Information Requests

Stripe is a payment processor and financially regulated by governing bodies respective to their account holder's country/origin. In order to comply with regulations, Stripe may occasionally request additional information or documentation from you, to keep your account in good standing. When this is required, Stripe will contact the main account holder by email and notifications will be displayed on your Stripe Dashboard. We will also display notifications on your Visufund Dashboard, if we detect any issues.

When you receive a notification or email from Stripe, please respond to their request(s) as soon as you can. If Stripe is unable to verify details you have submitted or you do not respond to information requests in a timely fashion, Stripe may place a restriction on your account. These restrictions will impact your ability to receive payments on the platform and payouts to your bank.


If your Stripe account has become restricted, you can resolve this quickly by following these steps:

  • Log in to Stripe (or ask your account administrator to do this)
  • Read the warning message(s) on your Stripe dashboard
  • Follow the steps to provide the requested information

As soon as Stripe has verified and accepted the information you have provided, they will remove the restriction from your account. If you need any help identifying the issue, the Stripe support team will be able to assist.


Visufund says our Stripe account is restricted, but Stripe says everything is up-to-date

If you are satisfied that your Stripe account is not restricted, but you are still seeing a warning on Visufund, it is possible that you may have multiple Stripe accounts. You can check this by comparing Stripe account ID numbers:

  • Log in to Visufund
  • Navigate to Org Settings
  • Under the Stripe Account section, make a note of the ID starting 'acct_'
  • Log in to Stripe
  • Navigate to Account Settings
  • Make a note of the account ID starting 'acct_' shown top right

If these Stripe IDs do not match, they are different accounts! If want to continue using the Stripe account connected to Visufund, you will need to access this Stripe account and resolve the restricted issues.

Changing Connected Stripe Account

If you need to change the Stripe account connected to Visufund:

If you can not access the Stripe account you want to disconnect, please get in contact with us.

Once disconnected, you can connect a new or other existing Stripe account in Org Settings

Non-profit Discount

Stripe offers discounted processing fees for qualifying non-profit organisations, which you may be eligible to apply for.

Find out how to apply for the discount here

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