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Director's Statement - COVID-19

A statement from our director, Dave Murray, concerning Visufund and the COVID-19 outbreak

3 reasons why decorating a virtual Christmas tree is so popular

Why is the virtual Christmas tree one of our most popular fundraising designs?

Visual fundraising tracking - a fundraising thermometer alternative

Visual fundraising is a modern alternative to the fundraising thermometer. Why?

Your ideas: How can we be better at In Memory Fundraising?

A collection of ideas on how we can be better at in memory fundraising

Storytelling in fundraising

Where to find the best stories to use in your next fundraising appeal

How the internet has revolutionised event fundraising

Find out how the internet has helped to boost income raised through events

How to organise a virtual Easter egg hunt in less than 5 minutes

Virtual Easter egg hunts are a fun and easy way to raise money for charity

Fun ideas for family fundraising

Involve the whole family in your fundraising activities. Kids will love these ideas!

3 easy visual fundraising ideas for Valentine's Day

Easy ideas to help you raise money and share some love this Valentine's Day

Kickstart your individual giving programme

Find out how to turn your charity contacts into warm donors

3 ways you can use visual fundraising for tributes & in memory giving

Simple and beautiful ways to pay tribute to loved ones using visual fundraising

7 reasons why Stripe is the best way to process online donations

Why we think everyone should be using Stripe to process donations

Everyone's talking about virtual gifts. What are they?

What are virtual gifts and why are they so popular?

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Visufund is ready for SCA. Are you?

What is Visual Fundraising?

A great place to start if you're new to visual fundraising

5 reasons why you need to use visuals in fundraising

Using visuals in your fundraising appeals is a great way to secure more support. Why?

To send Christmas cards or not?

Weighing up the pros and cons of sending Christmas cards

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