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Last updated: 18-11-2022

Auto-Expand Rule

If you want to change the settings that determine when your page should automatically expand, you can edit the Auto-Expand Rule.

Select which object groups to include in the rule and choose whether the system should automatically publish a new page when ALL or ANY of these object groups become unavailable.

If you do not want your page to expand automatically, deselect all object groups from this rule.

Manually expanding pages

You can manually expand your page at any time to increase the number of available objects. To do this, click Expand from the menu.

Understanding expanding pages

By default, all Visufund pages automatically expand onto a new page when there are no remaining objects available. This means you will never need to worry about running out of objects.

Expanded pages are automatically linked together and apply the following rules:

  • Show navigation buttons in the menu - This helps page visitors to easily navigate between pages.
  • Find available objects - If a supporter clicks to find an object that is unavailable on the page they are currently viewing, they will be automatically navigated to a page where it is available.
  • Unify message search - When a visitor searches for a message, they will see results from all the expanded pages.
  • Sum total raised - If you are displaying the total raised on a page, this will represent the sum of all expanded pages.