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Last updated: 02-05-2024

Basic Page Settings


The name of your chosen template is displayed at the top of your Settings. If you wish to navigate back to the template description, click on the template name.

Fundraise for

This setting determines if a page is a message board or fundraising page, and can only be changed before a page has been published.

Message Board

To publish a page without fundraising, simply ensure no charity is selected and displays None (Message board). To remove a charity, click the trash button.

Non-Profit accounts: Message board modes are not available on this type of account. Instead, enable Donations optional in object settings.

Fundraising page

To create a fundraising page, select a charity:

  • Click the edit button
  • From the charity list, click on the organisation you wish to fundraise for

The name of the organisation you have chosen to support will be displayed in this field.

Page Title

Give your page a title so it can be identified easily. The title of your page appears in various places:

  • Thank you emails - When someone supports your page, they'll receive an email with a link to view/edit their message. Your page title is included in this email.
  • Social media - When you share your page on social media, your page title is displayed.
  • Online search results - A good page title will improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and increase the likelihood of your page appearing in online search results. If you do not want your page to appear in search results, set it to Private (see below).

Web Address

Please note this can only be changed before a page has been published.

When you set your Page Title, the system will automatically create a suggested web address for you - you have the option to change this on any unpublished page. Your page address has the following structure:

We advise separating words with hyphens, to make it easier to read and to help search engines understand the content. You can use any lowercase letter, number or hyphen to form an address. You must enter at least 3 characters and not exceed 100 characters. You cannot use spaces or any other special characters in a web address.

Learn about embedding pages on your own website.


If you are using your page for fundraising, you can set a financial target. For example, if you are aiming to raise £500, set the target to 500.

This displays your target and a progress bar in the page header, so visitors can see how close you are to your goal.

You can change your target at any time.

Display total

Switch this on if you want to display the real-time total in the header of your page, allowing visitors to see how much you have raised. Please note, the total is automatically displayed if you have set a fundraising target.


Switch this on to hide your page from being listed on the Visufund website and discourage search engine indexing. People will only be able to see your page if the web address link has been shared with them.

Fundraising invitation template

This setting controls a supporter fundraising call-to-action button Start fundraising in the navigation menu. Select one of the following options from the drop-down list by clicking the edit button.

  • Any - This links the button to the full template library.
  • Specific Template - You can select any template from the library or one of your templates (My Templates) that you have enabled for supporter fundraising.
  • None - Displays no supporter fundraising button in the menu.