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Last updated: 23-11-2022

Page Message Settings

Message format

Your chosen message format will influence the default questions asked to supporters. For example, if you choose Remembrance, the first question on the form becomes "Who are you remembering?"

Choose one of the following options:

  • Standard: Suitable for most pages. Prompts the donor to leave a personal message and their name. The donor's name ('From') appears when you hover over a donated object.
  • Celebration: Suitable for celebration pages (eg. Valentine's Day or birthday appeals). Prompts the donor to leave a public message to someone else. The 'To' name appears when you hover over a donated object.
  • Remembrance: Suitable for in memory and tribute pages. Prompts the donor to write a message in memory of a loved one. The loved one's name appears when you hover over a donated object.
  • Dedication: Suitable for dedications and in memory/honour pages. Prompts the donor to write a message dedicated to someone. The 'Dedicated To' name appears when you hover over a donated object.
  • Other: If you require a custom message format, choose this option and change the three Message Questions to suit your page. The answer to Question 1 appears when you hover over a donated object.

Allow photos/images

Switch this on if you want to invite people to share a photo with their message. Photo upload is optional, and your supporters will be able to come back at a later date to edit their message if they do not have access to a suitable image at the time of contributing.

Display date

Switch this on to publicly display the date that each contribution was made.


Make any required changes to the default questions by clicking the Edit button. The answer to the Message Questions will be publicly displayed on your page, and therefore should not be used to capture private information.

If you need to capture any information from contributors that you do not want displayed to all page visitors, use Custom Questions instead.

Blank substitution

You can enter a word/phrase to appear by default if a question is not answered. For example, if someone does not answer the 'From' question, you may wish to display 'Anonymous'. If you are happy for the question to be left blank, do not enter any text here.

Message tour interval

When your page is loaded, a tour of messages will automatically start. You can choose how long you would like each message to be displayed before the next one is shown. Auto calculates a time for each message based on the number of words included (up to 20 seconds). Alternatively, you can set the number of seconds each message is displayed between 2 & 10 seconds.