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Last updated: 15-11-2021

Testing your page

Before publishing, your page will be in Test Mode. This allows you to experience the donor journey, see how the system works and check how your data will be presented.

Viewing your Page

You can view your page at any time by clicking View from the top menu of your Page Settings.

Visufund uses responsive web design, which means that the pages are optimised to fit any screen shape or device. Our research shows that over 80% of page visitors view pages on their mobile phone, so we always advise testing the donation experience from your phone or tablet, rather than your computer.

Testing the donation experience

Before you have published your page, we advise making some test donations to experience the donor journey:

  • Log in and navigate to the Page Settings of your unpublished page (via My Pages)
  • Click View from the top menu
  • Select an object and proceed as if you are making a donation (no card details required)

Payment processing is simulated in Test Mode, although notifications will be sent as though a genuine donation has been made. Therefore, we suggest you notify your colleagues prior to testing to avoid any confusion!

We recommend clicking the menu button called Shuffle! a few times. This will allow you to see how the page might look as donations are received. As the page owner, you are the only person who will see this button.

Downloading test reports

After making some test donations, you may also wish to download some test reports to see how the data is presented. To do this:

  • Navigate to Reports
  • Set the date range you require
  • Select the report you wish to download - a description is provided for each report
  • Click Download to download a CSV file

You'll also be able to see full details of each transaction in Transactions.

Deleting test data

When you've finished testing, you can delete your test donations if you wish. Alternatively, you can leave them so that your page isn't empty for your first visitors.

To delete test donations:

  • Navigate to your Page Settings
  • Go to Messages (top menu)
  • Click/tap on the message you wish to delete
  • Click 'Delete'

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