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Last updated: 31-03-2021

Page Actions

In Page Settings, you will be able to take various actions on your page. You will find the Page Action buttons in the top menu.

All pages

On all pages, including unpublished pages, you have the option to:

  • View
  • Publish
  • Duplicate
  • Delete (only available before publishing)

Published pages only

Once your page has been published, these options will also become available:

  • Expand
  • Close
  • Offline

Action descriptions


Click View to navigate straight to your page.


When you have finished setting up your page and you're ready to go live, click Publish. You'll be able to share your page once it has been published.


If you want to create a copy of your page, click Duplicate. This copies all of your page settings onto a new page, which you can edit before publishing. This can be useful if you're running an annual fundraising appeal and want to create a new page each year.


This action is only available on pages that have never been published. You can permanently delete a page you have created by clicking Delete. If you have previously published your page, you can take it Offline instead.


If your page is nearly full, you can click Expand to manually publish a new page, linked to the original page. This adds buttons on both pages for easy navigation and increases the number of available objects. By default, pages will automatically expand when the page is completely full. Read more about Expanding Pages.


If you do not want to accept any further donations on your page (eg. if the appeal has ended), you can Close it. This keeps the page online so that supporters can revisit their messages, but switches off fundraising so that no new donations or messages can be added.


You can take your page Offline if you do not want your page to be publicly visible any more. This means that you will not be able to accept donations through the page and your supporters will not be able to view their messages. For the best supporter experience, we advise closing a page rather than taking it offline.

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