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Last updated: 29-06-2020

Page Groups

This document is only applicable to charity users

Page Groups is a feature that groups multiple pages together. A group displays a summary of useful figures for all the pages within it, but can also link pages together. You can create many groups and add any page you own to them; you can also add your supporter pages once they have been published.

System groups

These types of group are automatically created by the platform to manage certain pages. These groups cannot be deleted and have limited modifiable settings.

  • Charity pages - Any pages you publish using your charity account will be automatically added to this group
  • Supporter pages - Any pages published by your supporters will be automatically added to this group
  • Expanded pages - These groups are automatically created when any of your pages are expanded across multiple pages.

Creating & deleting groups

You can create as many groups as you like. The system will notify you if you already have an unnamed group when attempting to create a new one.

  • Create a group - Click Create group from the top sub menu.
  • Delete a group - Click Delete group from the top sub menu when viewing an individual group.

Group options & settings

You can access a group's settings by clicking on the group name from any of the group lists.

Pin to top

Set this option to Yes if you would like display a group near the top of any group lists.

Show group on profile page

Set this option to Yes to display a group in a section on your public charity profile page. The title of the group will also be displayed above the section on your profile page.

Show group on dashboard

Set this option to Yes if you would like to display an entire group on your dashboard for easy access.

Link charity pages

This option is useful for linking charity-created pages, especially if you are running a single campaign across multiple pages. When set to Yes, the system will do the following for all pages in the group:

  • Show navigation buttons - This allows your page visitors to navigate between all the pages in the group. Up to two buttons will be displayed in the menu on each page, depending on how many online pages you have in the group.
  • Find available objects - If a supporter clicks to find an object that is not available on the page they are currently on, they will be automatically navigated to a page where it is available. This only applies on pages using an identical template.
  • Unify message search - When a visitor searches for a message, they will see results from all pages in the group, and will be navigated to the correct page if they are currently on a different one.
  • Sum total raised - If you are displaying the total raised on a page, this will evaluate to the sum of all the pages in the group.

Auto add to group

Use this feature to automatically add pages to a group when they are first published. There are five settings:

  • None - Disables this feature
  • Charity pages - Adds pages published by the charity
  • Supporter pages - Adds pages published by your supporters
  • Charity & supporter pages - Adds all pages
  • Specific template - Adds pages that are using a specific template. When this option is selected, an additional setting will appear to select a template. You can only select a template that you own or have upgraded.
  • Expanded pages - This option is not select-able but will be displayed on system group for linking a pages that have been expanded.

Page order

The option will change the order of the pages displayed in the group. If you have Show group on profile page set to Yes, this will also determine the order of the page tiles displayed in a section on your profile page.

Managing pages in a group

Add page to group

To manually add a page to a group, select a page from the drop down menu. This list contains all the available pages you can add, excluding pages that are already in the group.

Removing a page

If you want to remove a page from a group, simply click the red cross next to the page you wish to remove.

Navigate to page

The page ID and title is a clickable link to navigate to a page. If you own the page, you will be taken to the Page Settings of the page. If the page is owned by a supporter, you will be navigated directly to the page.


The symbol on the left side of each page in the list indicates the status of the page, eg. Published, Closed, Offline.

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