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Last updated: 22-01-2020


This document is only applicable to charity users

Download reports to access all your data.

We offer a range of different reports for the purpose of importing into your CRM system or for analysis. This guide explains the difference between the reports, and gives examples of why they might be useful to you.

Donation Transactions

Short Description: Transaction details of all live donations.

Long Description: This report gives details of every payment transaction made by your donors. Each line on the report represents one payment by the donor - this includes cases where the donor has added multiple objects to their basket (eg. donated £30 for 3 stars at £10 each). The report contains all donor contact information, the total amount that has been donated, Gift Aid declarations, and marketing opt-ins.

Useful For: Uploading all donation data directly into your CRM.

Donated Objects

Short Description: A breakdown of individual donated objects including donor message, object donation amount and transaction details.

Long Description: This report breaks each transaction down into individual objects. Each line on the report represents one object that has been donated - this means that if a donor has added more than one object to their basket, the transaction will be shown across multiple lines. The report contains details of the message that the donor has left on each object, the amount they gave for each object, and a summary of the total transaction, including donor contact details.

Useful For: Ensuring that message content is appropriate (if necessary, you can moderate messages in Donated Objects) or for recording full details of each donated object separately into your CRM.

Gift Aid Schedule

Short Description: A list of all donations eligible for claiming Gift Aid, in the format of HMRC's schedule spreadsheet (UK only).

Long Description: This report contains all the data required for your charity to submit a Gift Aid claim for donations received via Visufund. The columns match HMRC's Gift Aid schedule spreadsheet, and the data includes all donations where a Gift Aid declaration has been made.

Useful For: Preparing Gift Aid submissions.

Read more about accessing Gift Aid data.


Short Description: A summary of page views and donations based on where people were referred from.

Long Description: This report shows all page referrals to your fundraising pages, how many page views and transactions were generated by each referral link, and the total raised from the referral. This can allow you to see which marketing channels are most effective, and how supporters are finding your page.

Useful For: Analysing success of various marketing channels.

Daily Page Activity

Short Description: Daily summary of page views and donations.

Long Description: This report shows how many times your page has been viewed, the number of donations received, and the total value of donations received on a daily basis. You can use the report to see how effective your various marketing activities have been. For example, you would expect to see a spike in views and donations on the day that you sent an email promoting your campaign to your supporters.

Useful For: Tracking campaign progress on a daily basis.

Supporter Fundraising Pages

Short Description: A summary of all pages published by your supporters, including contact information.

Long Description: This report gives contact information for all your supporters who have published a page for your charity within the date range you have specified. You may wish to contact these supporters to thank them for creating a page for your charity.

Useful For: Developing relationships with your supporters.

Test Reports

If you have added any test data to your pages prior to publishing, you can download test reports. These are in the same format as the live reports, to allow you to see how your data will be presented prior to launching a campaign. If you have any questions about the format of reports, please contact us.

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