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Last updated: 30-03-2023

Report Fields

The below table describes all the fields you can include in the output of a report.


  • T: Available on Transaction reports
  • M: Available on Message reports
  • P: Available on Page reports
tran_idT/MVisufund transaction identification number
tran_dateT/MDate & time a transaction was completed
tran_date_formattedT/MUK formatted date only
donor_titleT/MDonor chosen honorific
donor_firstnameT/MDonor first name or initial
donor_lastnameT/MDonor last name or surname
donor_emailT/MDonor email address
donor_address1T/MDonor address line 1
donor_address2T/MDonor address line 2
donor_address3T/MDonor town or city
donor_address4T/MDonor county, state or province
donor_postal_codeT/MDonor postal code or ZIP code
donor_country_codeT/MDonor ISO alpha-2 country code
donor_telephoneT/MDonor telephone number
tran_liveT/MIndicates if a transaction was completed in live or test mode (Live=1/True, Test=0/False)
tran_currencyT/MDonation & fees currency
tran_gross_donationT/MDonation amount charged to the donor (in live mode)
tran_payment_feeT/MFee deducted by the payment processor, Stripe (in live mode)
tran_platform_feeT/MFee deducted by the platform, Visufund (in live mode)
tran_net_donationT/MAmount received into the beneficiary's Stripe account (in live mode)
tran_stripe_payment_intentT/MStripe's payment identification reference
tran_message_countT/MNumber of messages or objects associated with a transaction
giftaid_declaredT/MIndicates if the donor ticked the box next to the Gift Aid declaration (Ticked=1/True, Un-ticked=0/False)
email_optinT/MDonor opted-in to charity's email marketing (Yes=1/True, No=0/False)
post_optinT/MDonor opted-in to charity's postal marketing (Yes=1/True, No=0/False)
tel_optinT/MDonor opted-in to charity's telephone marketing (Yes=1/True, No=0/False)
sms_optinT/MDonor opted-in to charity's SMS/Messaging marketing (Yes=1/True, No=0/False)
answer1T/MAnswer to custom question 1
answer2T/MAnswer to custom question 2
answer3T/MAnswer to custom question 3
page_idT/MPage ID number associated with a transaction
page_noT/MPage number
page_code1T/MYour internal page coding reference 1
page_code2T/MYour internal page coding reference 2
page_code3T/MYour internal page coding reference 3
page_published_dateT/MDate when page was first published
page_titleT/MTitle of page
page_supporterT/MIndicates if a page was created by a supporter (Yes=1/True, No=0/False)
page_creator_firstnameT/MFirst name of the person who created page
page_creator_lastnameT/MLast name of the person who created page
page_creator_emailT/MEmail address of the person who created page
utm_sourceT/MReferring website or utm_source query parameter supplied in the page web address of the visitor
utm_mediumT/MReferring medium or utm_medium query parameter supplied in the page web address of the visitor
utm_campaignT/MThe utm_campaign query parameter supplied in the page web address of the visitor
utm_termT/MThe utm_term query parameter supplied in the page web address of the visitor
utm_contentT/MThe utm_content query parameter supplied in the page web address of the visitor
tran_urlT/MTransaction URL on Visufund (live & test donations)
stripe_payment_intent_urlT/MPayment intent URL on Stripe (live donations only)
blankT/MA field you can use to insert a blank column in a report
object_idMUnique object/message ID number
object_createdMDate & time message was created
object_edit_dateMDate & time message was last edited
object_referenceMObject reference code
object_nameMObject name
object_offlineMIndicates if message was created as an offline donation or in test mode (Offline=1/True, Live=0/False)
object_donation_valueMValue of donation reflected in the total of the page
object_viewsMMessage view count
object_colourMColour selected for an object
object_ecard_sentMIndicates if an e-card was requested to be sent (Yes=1/True, No=0/False)
object_image_uploadedMIndicates if an image was uploaded with a message (Yes=1/True, No=0/False)
object_message1MTypically, the "To" content of a message
object_message2MTypically, the "Message" content of a message
object_message3MTypically, the "From" content of a message
object_message4MMessage content 4 (rarely used)
object_message5MMessage content 5 (rarely used)
object_message6MMessage content 6 (rarely used)
object_portal_urlMURL to message in Visufund portal
object_page_urlMURL to message on page
page_idPUnique page ID number
page_published_datePDate page was first published
page_countPNumber of pages (Expanded)
page_code1PYour internal page coding reference 1
page_code2PYour internal page coding reference 2
page_code3PYour internal page coding reference 3
page_titlePTitle of page
page_templatePName of the template used for page
page_statusPCurrent status of page
page_supporterPIndicates if a page was created by a supporter (Yes=1/True, No=0/False)
page_creator_firstnamePFirst name of the person who created page
page_creator_lastnamePLast name of the person who created page
page_creator_emailPEmail address of the person who created page
page_donationsPSum of page object donation values
page_donations_offlinePSum of offline object donation values
page_live_transactionsPSum of live donation transactions
page_message_countPTotal count of messages
page_offline_countPCount of messages created offline or in test mode
page_live_message_countPCount of messages created with a live transaction
page_live_transaction_countPCount of live transactions
page_urlPURL to page
page_info_urlPURL to page information

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