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Last updated: 28-10-2021

Gift Aid

We provide you with all the details you need to process a Gift Aid claim in-house via your usual method.

UK charities can choose either the short or long Gift Aid declaration in your Charity Account Settings. If the donor ticks the box and declares that their gift is eligible for Gift Aid, you will be able to use the information provided in Reports to submit your Gift Aid claim.

Option 1: Import all donation data to your CRM and generate your own Gift Aid claims

To access the data you require for your Gift Aid claim:

  • Log in to your account
  • Navigate to Reports
  • Set the dates for the data you wish to access
  • Download the Transactions

In this report, you will see all your donor data, including names, addresses, and whether the donor has declared Gift Aid. Import this data into your CRM system and prepare your Gift Aid claim as normal.

The Transactions report also shows if the donor has consented to hear from you again, via specific communication channels (eg. telephone, email, etc).

FAQ: What does 1 and 0 mean on the reports?

A lot of the data on our reports is presented in Boolean format. In this format, a '1' represents True and a '0' represents False. For example, a '1' in the Gift Aid column indicates that the donor agreed to the declaration and ticked the Gift Aid box.

Option 2: Download the Gift Aid Schedule report from Visufund and submit directly to HMRC

If you intend to submit your Visufund data directly to HMRC for Gift Aid processing, you also have the option to download the Gift Aid Schedule report. This contains details of all eligible donations, in the spreadsheet format required by HMRC.

Read more about the reports available to download from Visufund.

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