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Last updated: 14-08-2020

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

Is my charity or non-profit organisation eligible to join?

Visufund is available to any registered charitable organisation in our supported countries and currencies. If your organisation is not an officially registered charity or you cannot see your currency/country listed here, please contact us.

AustraliaAU$ (AUD)
CanadaCA$ (CAD)
Ireland€ (EUR)
New ZealandNZ$ (NZD)
SingaporeS$ (SGD)
SwitzerlandCHF (CHF)
United Kingdom£ (GBP)
United StatesUS$ (USD)

How much does it cost?

It's free to join and publish unlimited pages using any template from our library, with no mandatory subscriptions. On our free Standard membership plan, we simply deduct a small fee of 3.9% from donations. We also offer optional membership plans giving you advanced controls and 0% platform fees. Payment processing fees apply.

How long does it take to get started?

Literally a matter of minutes! The fastest we've seen was one charity who signed up for an account, published a page, and received their first donation in under 15 minutes!

Can we create a page using our own design/artwork?

Yes. If there's nothing suitable in our library of free templates, we offer a Design a Template service. We'll work closely with you to produce an exclusive design to match your exact requirements, and you are welcome to submit artwork to us as part of this process.

What data will we receive?

Your charity can access all donor data in Reports, and also customise the Marketing Consent section of the checkout form to ensure you're capturing exactly the data you need. If you need to capture any further information, you can add additional questions to the form.

Do you provide any analytics on pages?

Yes. On your Dashboard, you'll see real-time data about how many people are currently viewing your page, plus a graph summarising page views vs donations over a set period of time. You can also download reports to see which referral links have generated the most views and donations.

Can we add offline donations to a page?

Yes. Simply login to your charity account, choose an item to reveal, and select 'Add Offline Donation'. Read more about offline donations.

Can we change the web address or display the page on our website?

Yes. Before publishing your page, you can customise its web address in Page Settings. If you would prefer to promote your fundraising page using an alternative web address, you will need to set up a redirect link from your preferred address to your Visufund page.

You can also embed your page on your own website and display a live preview of it, by inserting a specially crafted HTML <iframe> element on your website. Learn more about embedding.

What happens if we run out of objects on our page?

There is no limit to the number of donations you can receive on your page. By default, your page will automatically expand onto a second page when there are no objects left on your first page, ensuring you never run out of available objects. Supporters can also choose to donate without revealing an object if they prefer. Read more about expanding pages.

Is it possible to edit a donation message?

Yes. After making a donation, donors will receive an email with a link to edit their message, if required. Depending on the page settings, this link may also be used to change the colour of their object, or add/remove photos attached to their message. Charities can also edit individual messages in Donated Objects.

Looking for something else?

We've prepared some tailored FAQs for different departments, which may contain the answers you need.

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You could also try searching our Help documents or feel free to contact us with any further questions.

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