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Weldmar Hospicecare

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Weldmar Hospicecare

Weldmar Hospicecare provides specialist end of life care for people living in Dorset. Our compassionate approach supports patients and their families in the community, at home, and in our hospice. All of our care is free.

We have a dedicated team of nurses, doctors, therapists, social workers and counsellors, but only 21% of our funds are provided by the NHS – the rest is raised for our Dorset charity thanks to the support of the local community.

Our aim is to ensure all patients needing end of life care in Dorset have access to excellent services, delivered when they are needed, meeting individual needs of patients and their loved ones.

Registration No. 1000414


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radio_button_checkedWeldmar Hospicecare Memory Jars
Weldmar Hospicecare
radio_button_checkedWeldmar Hospicecare's Virtual Light Up A Life
Weldmar Hospicecare
Supporter Pages
radio_button_checkedHelen Mullins
by Amy Lewis
for Weldmar Hospicecare
radio_button_checkedRemembering Nicola
by Lisa Hansford
for Weldmar Hospicecare
radio_button_checkedlight up a life for Sheree Tebbutt
by Jacqui Dixon
for Weldmar Hospicecare
radio_button_checkedFor Momma Jo
by Danielle Baber
for Weldmar Hospicecare
radio_button_checkedRuthie David
by Melanie King
for Weldmar Hospicecare
radio_button_checkedIn Memory of Arthur Dixon (Grandad Green)
by Mel Micklewright
for Weldmar Hospicecare
radio_button_checkedRemembering loved ones at christmas
by Katrina French
for Weldmar Hospicecare
radio_button_checkedmum and dad (Hunt)
by Kim Styles
for Weldmar Hospicecare
radio_button_checkedLight up a life
by Millie Gudgin
for Weldmar Hospicecare
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