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Last updated: 12-09-2023

FAQ: IT & Data

Please note, full transaction details and downloadable reports are only available on Non-profit accounts. No contact information is shared on Personal or Group accounts.

Is Visufund optimised for mobile?

Yes, our research has shown that the majority of visitors and donors view pages on a mobile phone, so Visufund is fully optimised for mobile use. In addition, donations are processed by Stripe, which means we can accept payments via digital wallets such as Apple Pay for improved mobile experience.

Does Visufund comply with the GDPR?

Yes. Visufund is a company based in the United Kingdom and we are required by law to comply with the GDPR. We are fully committed to this.

Read about the steps we have taken to ensure compliance here.

Where can we find a copy of the Visufund Privacy Policy?

You can read our full Privacy Policy here.

Who is responsible for the data captured through Visufund?

Transparency is important to us, so it is stated clearly on the donation form that all data entered onto the form will be shared with the beneficiary, and therefore both Visufund and the non-profit organisation are data controllers. Visufund shares this data with the non-profit organisation for administrative purposes (ie. to maintain accurate records), and we also allow organisations to customise the donation form to capture marketing consent for future use.

Anyone who contributes to a Visufund page is invited to create their own personal account on the platform, which permits us to store their contact details and offer a faster checkout experience in future.

What data can we capture through Visufund?

The donation form can be configured to capture name, email address, postal address and telephone number. Non-profits also have the option to add up to 3 additional questions to the form on each page you create, and can download donor data via Reports.

The donation form is streamlined to increase donation conversions; donors are only prompted to provide contact information if they consent to marketing through a specific channel or it is required for some other reason (eg. Gift Aid claim).

We also share the name and email address of anyone who sets up a fundraising page for your charity.

How is the data presented?

All donor data is shared with Non-profit accounts, and can be viewed in Transactions, or downloaded in Reports as CSV files.

Read more about Reports.

What security measures do you have in place to protect data?

We take data protection very seriously at Visufund to ensure that your data does not end up in the wrong hands. For example:

  • We only store your data on secure servers in the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • We ensure our staff are kept up-to-date regarding changes to Data Protection law, and that only authorised individuals can access your data for the purpose of fulfilling their job role
  • We encourage account-holders to create separate user accounts for individual colleagues and to disable user accounts when no longer required (eg. if an employee leaves the organisation). This is for security reasons and GPPR-audit purposes.
  • We reserve the right to disable registered user accounts where we detect suspicious activity, to ensure that your data cannot be accessed by any unauthorised person

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