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Superstar Step Challenge Template
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This March, we are inviting all children to come on a very special mission with Sands on our Superstar Step Challenge. 

Children can participate by stepping or wheeling towards their target (we're suggesting 5,000 or 10,000 steps in a single day), collecting sponsorship and then tracking their steps on the day as they shoot for the stars. 

On the 20th July 1969, the world watched in wonder as Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, declaring the moment, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!” 

Going to the Moon and back was a journey full of challenges and at Sands, we support many families who know what it means to face such a journey. 

We’re inviting children, schools and nurseries to take a giant leap with us to help ensure everyone affected by baby loss isn’t alone in the darkness on this journey. 

With every small step made, they’ll be helping Sands take a giant leap to reach more families in need of our support, and support research to save babies’ lives.  

Set up your fundraising page here.

More than 40 years ago that mission changed the world. And for more than 40 years since, Sands has not only changed lives, but helped save them. Today, our mission continues.  

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