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Chase The Rainbow Template

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Platform fee on donations+ 3.9% Plus: 3.9%
Pro: 0%
Publish fundraising pages
Publish message boards
Reveal picture based on donation numbers or value
Personalise thank you email
Set fundraising target or display total
Change social media share images
Expand pages
Set page web address
Supporter photo upload
Customise page header logo & colour
Add offline donations/messages
Multi user/team access
Define supporter marketing preferences
Manage pages & create campaign groups
Capture & download fundraising data
Capture & download message board data
Set supporter message format
Modify message questions
Allow non donations
Change minimum or suggested donation amounts
Add charity colours to message display and buttons
Change visibility of unrevealed objects
Include additional questions on checkout form
Customise default tweet & hashtags
+Stripe payment processing fees apply on donations

The children in this apartment building have been busy drawing pictures of rainbows to decorate their windows.

Create a page with this template and ask for donations to reveal a rainbow or put a teddy bear in the window.


Available objects: 35

x 24
x 11
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