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Last updated: 18-11-2022

FAQ: Management & Trustees

Why should we join? What makes Visufund different to other platforms?

Visual fundraising is a great way to bring your appeals to life. Unlike other online fundraising platforms which simply display donations in a list, when a donor gives to a Visufund page, they can share a photo with their message and see the change they've made to a picture. Choosing the location for their light on a tree or adding a star to the sky is a much more personal way to give, and gives donors a sense of ownership over their gift.

As well as being a powerful way for your donors to show their support for your charity, visual fundraising is also an exciting interactive way for people to give, and has proven to be popular with young fundraisers. When a child is fundraising for your organisation, they may not understand a fundraising target but can still be motivated by seeing their picture coming to life!

Which other charities or non-profit organisations do you work with?

We've worked hundreds of different charities around the world, including hospices and healthcare organisations, children's charities, animal rescues, and campaigning organisations.

You can read through some Testimonials here.

Is Visufund safe?

Yes. The Visufund website is secure and our data is stored on secure servers in the European Economic Area. Donations are not held by Visufund at any time, as these are paid directly into the charity's own Stripe account.

What information do I need to provide in order to set up our Stripe account?

If your organisation does not already have a Stripe account, it takes just a few minutes to create one at no cost. You can do this from the Stripe website ( or from your Org Settings in Visufund.

Your Stripe account needs to be activated by someone with significant management responsibility or control over the charity. This should be an authorised executive, senior manager, Director or Trustee.

You will be required to provide some basic information about your organisation to set up the account, including bank details for payouts. In order to verify the account and comply with financial regulations, Stripe requires some personal information about the individual who is setting up the account. If Stripe cannot verify the account (eg. if you do not provide your correct home address), they may be in touch to request further identification before enabling payouts on the account.

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