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Seattle Dogs Homeless Program

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Seattle Dogs Homeless Program

Seattle Dogs Homeless Program is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to helping homeless animals thru our street outreach program & foster based dog rescue. We provide pet owners that are currently homeless with pet food, supplies, access to our vets for emergency care & boarding for those seeking treatment or want to work. Keeping owners & pets together is our goal thus narrowing the intakes rescues & shelters face but when this isn't an option we provide rescue.

We started with a bag of food & as days turned into years we've grown into what we are today, our mission to cover a animals needs from A-Z is what we knew was needed & because of you, yes you we have been able to fulfill a dream. We are seeking to raise funds for our vet bill/fund, program needs & to purchase a truck! Seattle Dogs isn't just a name, its in our hearts, it's made from our blood, sweat & tears. Will you open your hearts to us this Christmas & help us help others?

Registration No. 82-5192989


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Seattle Dogs Homeless Program
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