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Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust

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Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust

The Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust was set up in memory of Grace, who passed away at the age of 4, from a rare form of childhood cancer. Grace left behind a wish to help other children. Through her legacy (and now the legacy of a number of other children too), we are working to support so many other children. We are dedicated to fighting childhood cancer, the biggest medical cause of death of children in the UK.

The Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust is a small but growing charity with much of its work central to Worcestershire. We were founded in 2016 in Worcestershire, Grace’s hometown, and it is here that we remain based. We do carry out national work too in terms of awareness and funding research, but we are dedicated to helping support our local children with cancer too.

Childhood cancer is not as rare as many may think. It affects 1 in every 500 children before the age of 15.

“Because the children of today all deserve a tomorrow.”

Registration No. 1167783


Tel: 01906 885777


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Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust
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