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Charis Cancer Care

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Charis Cancer Care

Charis Cancer Care is a unique cancer care centre, providing a range of holistic and complementary therapies and counselling to individuals affected by cancer- at any stage of their journey. We provide support and services also to families and loved ones of those living with cancer, or any adult bereaved by cancer.

Our role is to listen and help, providing support from experienced professionals and therapists in a warm and nurturing environment. Our focus is on the whole person, their physical, psychological, and emotional needs. All our services are completely free of charge to clients.

Charis Vision
“At Charis, it is our vision that nobody affected by cancer should ever feel alone. We believe that everyone should have ease of access to support services, from complementary therapies to counselling and support groups, and that this should be provided with warmth, compassion and understanding.”

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Charis Cancer Care
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Charis Cancer Care
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