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Last updated: 08-05-2019

5 reasons why you need to use visuals in fundraising

In this digital age, fundraisers can do a lot more than just asking for money and hoping that people will put their hands in their pockets. Using visuals in fundraising, especially online, is key to securing more income for any charity.

1. Using visuals makes it easy to see the difference

When you donate to a fundraising appeal that uses visuals, you're able to SEE a difference. Whether that means being directed to a video that shows the impact of a donation, seeing a fundraising thermometer go up, or adding a star to the sky, it is extremely rewarding to see a positive outcome from a gift. Compared to sending a cheque in the post and waiting a week for a thank you letter, it's pretty obvious what's going to make your donors feel better about their decision to support your cause. Read why visual fundraising tracking is a great alternative to the fundraising thermometer.

2. Sharing stories makes gifts more personal

Everyone has a reason WHY they support a charity. As fundraisers, our job is to really get to know our supporters and encourage them to give. One of the best ways to do this is to ask them to share their personal story. When you give supporters a platform to display their story and share it with others, it helps them to feel more emotionally connected to the cause and encourages bigger gifts.

3. Beautiful fundraising pages are more shareable

A fundraising page that looks interesting or beautiful is much more shareable than a boring old donation form. If your supporters enjoy the experience of giving, they're much more likely to share the page with others... and you know what that means? It's more likely that you'll reach a brand new audience.

4. Seeing that others are giving reassures people that they're not alone

Your supporters want to know that they're not alone. They want to know that other people care just as much as they do. When they can see that other people are supporting a cause, it's empowering. Your supporters feel like they are part of a bigger movement, and you can start to build a community of people who care.

5. Visuals stick in our memory

We're much more likely to remember things if we've seen them. If you're fundraising for an important cause, you'll inevitably need to do a fair amount of promotion and asking before you reach your target. Using visuals to ask for donations or tell stories is a great way to make sure that your supporters actually remember what you're asking for and why you need their help.

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