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Last updated: 31-03-2021

How to organise a virtual Easter egg hunt in less than 5 minutes

Has your charity Easter egg hunt been cancelled this year?

Perhaps some of your supporters live too far away to come to your events?

Or are you just looking for a fun way to support your favourite charity this spring?

We can help you organise a virtual Easter egg hunt in under 5 minutes... for free!

Step 1: Choose an Easter template design on Visufund

Visufund is an online visual fundraising platform, which is free to join.

You can use any template from our library to create beautiful fundraising pages that come to life with every donation.

Click here to choose an Easter template design.

When you've chosen your design, just click Create a page with this template.

Fill this Easter basket with virtual eggs to raise money for a great cause

Step 2: Set up your fundraising page

Once you've created your page, you can customise lots of different settings to make it completely unique, depending on whether you have a Supporter Account or a Charity Account. You can see how your page looks at any time by clicking View Page from the top menu.

  • Add your logo and change the colour of the page header
  • Write a story in About Page, so people know how their donations will make a difference
  • Customise the Thank You message
  • Change the button colours
  • Add questions to the checkout form
It doesn't just have to be Easter eggs... How about asking for donations to fill the sky with butterflies on this sweet spring scene?

Step 3: Publish and share!

When you're ready to go, just click Publish. Don't forget to share your page online to reach as many people as possible!

If your virtual fundraising page is replacing an physical event

"This year, we'd love to invite you to take part in our VIRTUAL egg hunt! Find one of the hidden eggs in our virtual playground and make a donation to leave a special message and photo."

Hint: Your charity could also turn this into a competition, eg. asking supporters to share a photo of their homemade Easter bonnets. You could award a prize for the best photo, eg. an Easter hamper.

If you are encouraging supporters to organise their own egg hunts at home

Instead of creating your own charity page, you could also ask your supporters to create their own pages to raise money for you by sending them a link to your favourite template instead.

"Make Easter extra special this year by organising your own sponsored Easter egg hunt at home and raising funds for our charity! To join in the fun, hide some Easter eggs around your house and garden for your little ones to find, and create your own special virtual Easter egg fundraising page to collect sponsorship money from friends and family. Every person who donates to your page can reveal one of the hidden Easter eggs, and leave a good luck message and photo for your little egg hunters!"

Hint: If your charity office is already full of donated Easter eggs, you could offer an incentive for your fundraisers... Everyone who achieves their fundraising target receives an Easter egg in the post!

Any questions?

Find out more about Visufund by exploring our website to see what others are doing or read more about free charity membership here.

If you'd like to speak to us or ask any questions, please contact us and we'll put you in touch with an experienced fundraiser on our team who'll be more than happy to help.

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