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Last updated: 28-02-2023

Secrets of a Successful Fundraising Page

If you're looking for some top tips to boost your next fundraising page, you're in the right place!

We've looked back at hundreds of fundraising pages to identify common themes on what works best. Here's what you need to know...

Keep it simple

The most important thing is to make sure that people know why you are raising money through your page and what they can do to help. That's it! Make your story compelling and be crystal-clear about what you're asking for.

One of the best places to share your story is in About Page, but you can also do this via social media to encourage people to click the link!

jigsaw pieces reveal images of Parke Keeologues Crimlin Gaelic football teams throughout the last 50 years
To celebrate their 50th anniversary, Parke Keelogues Crimlin created a jigsaw featuring historic images of the Gaelic football team.

Personalise your page

Reassure page visitors that they've come to the right place by personalising your page.

If your page is dedicated to someone special, add their photo in the Share Image setting. If you work for a charity, upload a high-quality logo to your account and change the interface colours to match your brand guidelines.

For a truly personal experience, why not try a Jigsaw or Create Your Own template for your next page? These templates allow you to upload your own custom image directly into the design, so there's absolutely no doubt that they've come to the right page.

Make donations optional

It sounds counter-intuitive, but switching donations to optional is a great way to boost engagement and make your page more inviting to supporters! Every new message makes your page more inspiring, which will help to encourage the next visitor to give.

Even if you set some objects to optional donations, you don't need to apply this to every single object on the page. Visufund gives you granular control over each object group, so if you want to reserve the Top Star on your Christmas Tree for a significant gift, be our guest!

various icons and logos in colourful bubbles to represent the different ways you can share a page, such as via social media or email
There are lots of ways to share your page, including social media and email

Share your page frequently

Share, share, share! Post a link to your fundraising page on all your social media channels, send an email, embed the page on your website... and don't be shy! People won't know you're fundraising unless you tell them.

Try using different content and images when you share the link, share some of the individual messages from your page, or give an update on the total you've raised. Bonus points if you can you describe how the money you've raised so far will make a difference to the charity.

Read our guide on sharing your page here.

Use data to make decisions

Use the Chart on your Info & Stats page to assess how many page views you've received and how much you've raised on an hourly/daily/weekly basis.

Pages with the most views usually receive the largest number of donations, so if you identify a spike on the chart, think about what you did differently at that time to increase engagement. Perhaps more people clicked the link to your page when you shared it with a photo of a dog instead of a cat?

Use these insights to determine what marketing posts or channels resonate most with your supporters, and do this more often! Keep reviewing the results over time for maximum impact.