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Last updated: 19-10-2022

Your ideas: How can we be better at In Memory Fundraising?

Blog by Emily Grint, Head of Client Relations, Visufund
close-up of tree with colourful leaves

In September 2018, I attended the Institute of Fundraising North West Annual Conference. Over the two-day event, I met loads of fantastic fundraisers from across the region. There were workshops on a range of topics from legacy fundraising to events, and capital campaigns to collaboration... The hardest thing about it was deciding which workshops to attend!

On day two, I was delighted to have the opportunity to speak to a room filled with in-memory fundraisers about some of the things I've learned from bereaved donors, in a talk called "It's not us. It's them. Why in-memory fundraising isn't really about fundraising at all."

As part of my talk, I asked the room to share some of their top tips on how we can all be better at in memory fundraising - the idea was to write a message on a virtual leaf and add it to an interactive tree, so we could all read it. I also arranged for a Tweet to go out at the same time, so some of the ideas may have come from people who weren't even in the room at the time.

I asked people to consider which are some of the best in-memory campaigns they've seen, what words or phrases they use to communicate with bereaved donors, how to build better relationships, etc. Lots of people added some great thoughts onto the interactive tree, and I've decided to keep it online to share this useful resource with anyone who needs it. Please feel free to add your own ideas too!

Visit the tree to find our how we can be better at In Memory Fundraising!