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Woodside Animal Centre - RSPCA Leicestershire Branch

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Woodside Animal Centre - RSPCA Leicestershire Branch

Woodside Animal Centre is an independently registered charity and self-funded branch of the RSPCA. Every year we rescue, rehabilitate and rehome over 800 cats and dogs. Our services cover Leicestershire and Rutland. Our team is not only dedicated to caring for the animals that come into our centre, but also educating our community and future generations about good animal welfare and pet ownership.

We rely on the generosity of the people of Leicestershire and Rutland through our events, fundraising campaigns and school visits to ensure our vital services continue to support animals who desperately need our help. Our services are vital to our community. Please help us continue helping animals in need by supporting us today.

Registration No. 222621


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Woodside Animal Centre - RSPCA Leicestershire Branch
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