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Sunrise Partnership

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Sunrise Partnership

Established in 2014, Sunrise Partnership (SC044859) offers a free confidential one to one support service for bereaved children and young people up to the age of 18 throughout Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. We aim to help children and young people cope with loss, change and bereavement in a healthy and positive way. There is no waiting list, support continues for as long as it is required and we travel to meet the child/young person in a setting they feel comfortable.
In 2019/20 we supported 216 children with 1126 sessions. Each session costs a minimum of £35 which means in total we providing one to one support costs Sunrise nearly £40,000 per year. We need your help to provide much needed support to help local children and young people move towards a brighter future

Registration No. SC044859


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Sunrise Partnership
radio_button_checkedSunrise Partnership - Remembering Loved Ones
Sunrise Partnership
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