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On Our Way Home Society

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On Our Way Home Society

On Our Way Home Animal Rescue is based out of Fort St John, B.C. and has been serving the Peace Region since 2012. OOWH is a foster based rescue that runs solely on donations and collection of adoption fees. Over the years they have adopted out hundreds of animals. If a foster can be found, the rescue can help. Along with cats and dogs, the rescue has found homes for rabbits, ferrets, rats, guinea pigs, birds, small livestock, fish, and a turtle.
The rescue’s success is thanks to the wonderful support from the community, foster families and dedicated volunteers. All funds collected go towards the spaying and neutering of cats and dogs, other vet bills and costs associated with the animals in the rescue's care. OOWH is always on the lookout for foster homes.

OOWH is incorporated with the British Columbia Registry as a not for profit organization. Incorporation number S-0059919

Registration No. S-0059919


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On Our Way Home Society
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