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Every year, hundreds of babies and children arrive from across London and the Home Counties to be treated in the specialist intensive care units at St Mary’s and Queen Charlotte’s hospitals. They come to be treated for complex and acute life-threatening conditions, or in the neonatal units, for extreme prematurity.

At COSMIC our mission is to support the patients and their families, providing them with world-class care and services to give families hope and their children the best possible chance of survival.

We provide families with advice, one-to-one and group support, financial help and emotional and bereavement counselling, as well as onsite accommodation, to try to ease the burden and to help parents process having a child under our care.

COSMIC supports our dedicated team of nurses and doctors to provide world-class care by ensuring they have the latest technology, state-of-the-art equipment, and up to date staff training, which is not covered by the NHS.

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