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Last updated: 09-05-2019

What is Visual Fundraising?

Blog by Emily Grint, Head of Client Relations, Visufund

Do you know what visual fundraising is? At Visufund, we talk about it a lot, and we know that a lot of people assume it's got something to do with in memory fundraising, because that's where the idea for the company came from, but that's only the beginning. You can read more about the history of Visufund here.

Visual fundraising for in memory campaigns

It's true to say that visual fundraising works really well for in memory campaigns, because supporters take a lot of comfort in dedicating a star in the sky (or lighting virtual candles, releasing virtual balloons, etc) in the name of someone they miss.

Our virtual scenes are just an online version of the many physical donor trees that you see in hospice receptions, or name plaques on seats in theatres or on benches. Historically, these physical naming opportunities have also been very popular with in memory supporters, but of course, not every charity has the luxury of a public space that their supporters can visit, and indeed, many supporters live too far away to benefit from this sort of physical naming recognition... That's where online visual fundraising can help.

Dedicating a bench in memory of a loved one has been popular for years. If you don't have physical space for a real bench, online visual fundraising could be the solution.

Other ways visual fundraising can help

Visual fundraising is not limited to in memory! It also works brilliantly for individual giving appeals, celebration giving, events, capital appeals, children's fundraising, and more. The only limit is your imagination!

So... what is visual fundraising?

The concept is simple. Every page starts with a background image. Let's say this could be a bare tree in a park. Each donation adds something to the picture. For example, a leaf is grown on the tree, or they can hang a ribbon on it. The donor can SEE the difference they've made and how their contribution is part of a bigger picture.

It really is that simple. Most of us are visual learners, so the donor experience is more satisfying. It's a much more beautiful way to display donations online, and that's what makes people want to keep coming back. We really hope you like it too.

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