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Last updated: 06-06-2023

Fundraising for Father's Day

Fundraising isn't necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Father's Day, but this special date can be a great opportunity for your charity to connect with supporters.

Why would someone donate to charity on Father's Day?

There are several reasons why your charity should consider running a Father's Day appeal.

Your supporters may want to make a charitable donation:

  • In honour of their Dad, eg making a donation in his name to a cause he cares about
  • In lieu of giving him a physical gift - perhaps he doesn't want any presents or your supporters are unable to visit their fathers for some reason?
  • In memory of their Dad

Fundraising Ideas

Why not create a visual fundraising page to display all the wonderful messages your supporters are sending you about their fathers?

If you're raising money for something specific, you can link the visuals to your cause (eg. Research Lab or Bookcase) or you could try one of our suggestions below!

Superstar Dads

rocket heading towards moon with colourful stars in background
Love your Dad to the moon and back? Dedicate a star in his name.

Use any of our star templates to create your page, and ask your supporters to show that they love their Dad all the way to the moon and back! All they have to do is make a donation to dedicate a colourful star and leave a message for him up in space!

View all star templates

Sporty Dads

image shows three stages of a triathlon, including swimming, running and cycling
Use one of our sports templates for your fundraising page, and watch the picture come to life as more people give!

Create your fundraising page using any of our fun sports templates and invite your supporters to leave messages to their Dad in exchange for a donation. As more people give, the picture will be revealed!

View all sport templates

Foodie Dads

pizza with various toppings
Give Dad a pizza your heart by making a donation to his favourite charity

Give Dad a "pizza" your heart by making a donation to his favourite charity. More of a sweet tooth? Try one of our chocolate designs!

View all food templates

Arty Dads

audience looking towards a large screen in a virtual theatre
Create a page for art-loving Dads and invite your supporters to complete the picture with their donations and dedications

Whether he loves music, literature, dance or theatre, you'll find a great template in our library for your visual fundraising page!

View all art templates

Memories of Dad

selection of colourful tealight candles on shelves against a brick wall
Light a virtual candle to remember Dad and share special memories

If your charity provides end-of-life care or you have a lot of supporters who donate in memory, you may prefer to create a fundraising page using one of our tribute templates. Invite supporters to celebrate the memory of their dads by sharing a photo and special memory on a virtual candle or leaving a dedication on your Memory Tree.

View all tribute templates

Promoting your Father's Day appeal

We recommend promoting your appeal regularly in the run-up to Father's Day, so your supporters have time to consider making their donation. You could promote it in the following places:

  • On your website
  • On social media, eg. Facebook
  • Via email (as long as you have consent from your supporters to contact them in this way)

Remember that although Father's Day can be a lot of fun, some of your supporters may find Father's Day difficult for many reasons. Therefore it is important to be sensitive in your messaging and ideally offer supporters the opportunity to opt-out from any targeted Father's Day communications.

We wish you best of luck with your fundraising and a very Happy Father's Day!