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Last updated: 29-08-2022

Fun ideas for family fundraising

Looking for a family friendly fundraising idea, that both adults and children will love? Look no further!

Fundraising ideas

1. Go on a sponsored walk

photo of father and daughter walking through woods
Go for a family walk and raise sponsorship money for every mile (or every minute) you walk

This is a great idea for young fundraisers and their families. All you have to do is pick your route - it could be a sandy walk at the beach, a woodland trail, or through a busy city centre. Then choose when to do the walk (keep an eye on the weather forecast!) and ask your friends and family to sponsor you. All the money you raise through sponsorship can be sent to your chosen charity.

Some people will choose a set amount to sponsor you for the whole walk, and some people might prefer to sponsor you a small amount per mile (or per minute) of your walk. This is a great incentive to keep going, even when your legs are getting really tired!

2. Organise a cake sale

chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles
Bake some cakes and sell them to your friends and neighbours to raise money for a special charity

Have fun in the kitchen with Mum and Dad, and then sell your tasty cakes to your friends and neighbours! All the money you raise can go to your favourite charity. You could even hold a competition to find out who's made the best cakes!

Your school might also let you sell your cakes during lunch break, but do make sure you ask a teacher first.

3. Have a toy swap

teddy boy in a cardboard box
Hold a party, gather up all your old toys and swap them with your friends.

If you've got loads of old toys that you don't play with any more, you could hold a charity toy swap! For a small entry fee (which you can give to charity), you can invite your friends to come over to your house with a box of their old toys... and then swap! You'll get a whole box of fantastic new toys, and you raise money at the same time! What's not to love? Your parents will love this too, as it will save them from having to buy new toys all the time!

If you've got any really valuable toys (like a computer game you don't play any more), you could also consider holding an auction at your party - the highest bidder wins the toy, and you'll raise even more for charity!

How to raise the money!

For a lot of fundraising activities, cash is still a really good option. For example, if you're selling cakes, most people will choose to pay with cash. So always have a donation bucket with you when you are fundraising!

But if you are raising sponsorship money, or asking people to pay in advance (eg. entry fees for parties or events), you might also want to offer the option to donate online.

A really fun way to raise money online is to create a visual fundraising page. Choose any template from the Visufund library to create a page, and watch as the picture fills up with every donation! This is great fun for children, who will enjoy watching their picture come to life as they raise more money. There's all sorts of templates to choose from, so you can pick your favourite or one that suits your fundraising event. You could ask for a donation to put a virtual toy in a toy box, add a cupcake to a cake stand, or even hang a Christmas jumper on the washing line!

Even better, by fundraising online, all the money you raise will go automatically to your chosen charity, so you don't have to worry about personally collecting the money and sending it over.

Choose from over 100 template designs to get started!