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Last updated: 08-01-2021

3 easy visual fundraising ideas for Valentine's Day

Love is in the air...

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spent a total of $18.2bn on Valentine's gifts in 2017. That's an awful lot of money being spent on flowers, jewellery and chocolates! But have you ever thought about how your charity can use Valentine's Day as a hook for a fundraising campaign?

Here are three easy visual fundraising ideas that are perfect for this romantic time of year.

Dedicate a heart to someone you love

3 red paper hearts attached to a line with pegs
Dedicating a heart is a fun alternative to sending Valentine's cards

Invite your supporters to share a photo of their loved one and dedicate a heart in their name, in exchange for a donation to your charity. This is a fun alternative to sending Valentine's cards, and is the perfect gift for someone who has a special charity close to their heart.

Supporters can send an e-card to their special someone, who will receive a link to read their message of love on your page. Maybe they'll also dedicate a heart in return!

Another great way to use a heart template is to ask your supporters to choose a heart and write about why they love your charity, or send a message of love and support to your beneficiaries.

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Remember a loved one this Valentine's Day

silhouette of a man looking up at the stars
Many people look to the stars to remember their loved ones

When we are missing someone special, Valentine's Day can be difficult. Whilst everyone else appears to be having a wonderful time with their partners, sharing photos and creating precious memories, this can really highlight the loss of a loved one.

Charities who work in the health sector or support bereaved families may find that many of their supporters are struggling at this time of year.

Invite your supporters to share their memories and photos, whilst paying tribute to a loved one, by asking them to dedicate a star in the sky or plant a virtual flower in their memory. Your supporters may take some comfort in choosing a favourite photo of their husband, wife or partner, and as the sky starts to fill up with stars, they'll see that they are not alone.

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Don't forget pets!

grey and white cat with wooden heart
Share your love for your pets on Valentine's Day

Of course, Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers. Lots of people choose to spend the day with whoever they love the most... and for some people, that might be a special furry friend!

Choose one of our special animal-themed templates for your fundraising campaign, and watch as the page fills with photos of cute pets! Perfect for rescue centres and animal charities.

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