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Create interactive visual fundraising pages

Bring pictures to life with every donation


For Charities

Join for free & accept donations in minutes

It won't cost your charity a penny to join Visufund on our Standard membership plan. Onboarding is fast and fully automated.

0% platform fees available

Access advanced page settings or benefit from 0% platform fees by upgrading your membership plan at any time.

Create pages for your charity campaigns

Use any template design from our library to bring your existing campaigns to life. Light up a tree, dedicate stars in the sky, plant virtual flowers... We'll have something special for you.

Invite your supporters to fundraise for you

Let's be honest - your supporters are the ultimate fundraisers. Once you're signed up, they'll be able to create their own visual fundraising pages for sponsorship, events, tributes and much more.

Try our template design service

We offer a completely bespoke design service to create exclusive templates, which can be used by you and your supporters.

Access your data

Visufund allows you to tailor the capture of your donor data and deliver reports. We also give you insights and analytics to help you drive your campaigns to maximum success.

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For Supporters

Donate to great causes safely, quickly & easily

Only enter your contact details once and we'll remember them next time you log in. Using Stripe's secure checkout, you can donate by card or using a digital wallet such as Apple Pay.

Fundraise for your favourite charity

Choose any template design from our library to create a visual fundraising page. Use your page to collect sponsorship money, remember a loved one, celebrate special occasions and more.

Create interactive message boards

Don't want to fundraise? No problem. Display messages in a creative way by switching your page to a message board instead.


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