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Last updated: 31-01-2020

Writing your story in About Page

About Page is your opportunity to talk directly to the people who visit your page. You can use this space to write anything that you think will encourage others to contribute.

Visitors to your page will be able to read your story by clicking About Page from the menu. Here, they will be able to find out more about why you have created the page. If your page is a fundraising page, they will also be able to read more about the charity.

Structuring your story

Your story doesn't need to be long. Just a couple of sentences will help people to understand a bit about why you've created the page, what it's for, and how they can help. The following structure works well:

  • A bit about you
  • If your page is dedicated to someone special, write about them too
  • What you hope to achieve through your page
  • How people can help

Display name

Just below About Page, you will see Display name. The Display Name is shown to your page visitors to show who created the page.

If you're fundraising on behalf of a group/company/team, you can change the Display Name by clicking on the edit symbol.

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