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Last updated: 05-01-2021

Using your Dashboard

Your Dashboard gives you a useful at-a-glance view of your Visufund account and activity.


Important messages and notifications about about your account will be shown at the top of your Dashboard. You can edit your notification settings in My Account, which you can access from the User Account Menu (icon top right). If you do not have any notifications, this section will not be displayed. Find out how to change your notification settings.


Use the chart to see how many page views and donations you've received over any given time period. If the numbers are going down, it might be time to re-share your page! Read more about the Analytics Chart.

Page Activity

View real-time data about how many people are currently looking at your page and if any objects are flashing. If an object is flashing, it means someone has selected it and a donation may be on the way! If there's no-one currently viewing your page, you'll also see how long it's been since the last visit.

Recent Transactions

See some basic details about your latest transactions, and click on the ID/Date column to view more information.

Page Groups*

View a summary of total views and total raised in each of your page groups, eg. 'All Charity Pages' or '2019 Event Participants'. Read more about how to create page groups.

Recent Stripe Payouts*

See your current Stripe balance at a glance, and the dates and totals of your recent payouts. Click the button to go straight to your Stripe Dashboard if you need any further details.

Charity Account*

Use this section to see the link to share with supporters to invite them to fundraise for you, navigate to your Charity Account Settings, or view your public Profile Page.

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