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Last updated: 04-02-2020

Twitter settings

This document is only applicable to charity users

In Message Settings, you can write a default Tweet which is displayed when one of your supporters chooses to share your page on Twitter.

You can change any of the following:

  • Page Tweet - The default page when your page is shared on Twitter. By default, page shares say "Look at this fundraising page for [Your Charity Name]".
  • Donated Object Tweet - Each object on the page has its own URL, which means that your supporters can share their individual messages with their friends and family. By default, donated object shares say "Look at this gift to [Your Charity Name]."
  • Tags - Add hashtags to the default Tweet, so you can keep track of page shares and help to promote your appeal. If enough people share your hashtags at the same time, you might even end up trending on Twitter!

If you've set your Twitter handle in Charity Account Settings, your charity will automatically be tagged in Tweets about your page.

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