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Last updated: 16-09-2019

Preparing a template for supporter fundraising

This document is only applicable to charity users

A great way to raise money for your charity is to invite your supporters to create their own fundraising pages with your template designs. To do this, follow the steps below.

Template Setup

To prepare a template for supporter fundraising:

  • Login to your charity account
  • Navigate to Templates
  • Click on a template you own that you want to share with supporters
  • Click the Supporter fundraising setup button
  • Write a Template Description encouraging supporters to create their own fundraising page
  • In the Template Status box, click the Enable supporter fundraising button.

Now, when you view your template, you should see a Fundraising Invitation button below the description:

Simply share the web address of your template with your supporters, and they will be able to create their own pages.

Template defaults

You may also want to create some default settings for your supporters' fundraising pages. For example, you may want to:

  • Add your brand colours to the buttons
  • Set suggested donation amounts for each object
  • Write a default story in About Page
  • Set a specific campaign logo to display in the page header

Modify any of your template's default settings by clicking Supporter fundraising setup as above. Any changes you make to your template settings are instantly applied as template defaults.

You can view how a page will look by clicking View example page from the sub-menu at any time.

Other useful information

  • You can set your system notifications in My Account to receive an email every time a new page is published for your charity.
  • When a supporter creates a fundraising page for you, you can view their name and email address by downloading the report called Supporter Fundraising Pages.
  • Any donation you receive through a supporter's page is delivered to you in the same way as if it was made on a page you own.
  • Your supporters do not have access to sensitive donor data such as contact details. They are only informed of the donor's name.
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