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Last updated: 11-11-2020

Stripe Connect

This document is only applicable to charity users
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Stripe is our trusted PCI Level 1 payment service provider, which offers highly competitive payment processing fees, and is used by millions of businesses and charities worldwide. As a charity member of Visufund, you'll just need to connect a Stripe account to our platform to process your donations - we'll handle the rest.

Creating a Stripe Account

If your charity does not currently have a Stripe account, it takes just a few minutes to create one at no cost:

  • Navigate to your charity account settings
  • Click Create a Stripe account & connect to navigate to the Stripe website
  • Fill in all the required fields (we will pre-fill some of these for you)
  • Click Authorise access to this account

On a successful submission, you will be navigated back to the Visufund website, where you will see a message confirming connection success.

UK Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIO)

If you do not have a Company Number issued by Companies House, you are advised to enter 00000000 (eight zeros) in the Company Number field of the Stripe registration form. Stripe will contact you to manually verify your account, and may request proof of charitable registration.

Fee discount for nonprofit organisations

Stripe offers a discounted processing fee for qualifying nonprofit organisations, which you may be eligible to apply for. Find out how to apply here.

Connecting an Existing Stripe Account

If your charity already has an active Stripe account, the process is simply:

  • Navigate to your charity account settings
  • Click Connect with an existing Stripe account to navigate to the Stripe website
  • Enter your Stripe login details (if required)
  • Click Connect my Stripe account

Checkout Branding

donation checkout

When your supporters are ready to donate, they are navigated to a Stripe checkout session to make their payment. This checkout session can be branded with your charity logo or icon, enhancing the donation experience.

To brand your checkout:

  • Navigate to your Stripe branding settings
  • In Brand elements, click the + to upload your charity Logo and/or Icon
  • Click Save at the bottom of the page


Once your Stripe account is connected to Visufund, you can start accepting donations immediately. Your supporters will be able to pay using any major credit or debit card, or using their digital wallets (eg. Apple Pay).

  • Donations are received directly into your Stripe Account, less all fees
  • Balances are automatically transferred to your bank on daily schedule (default setting)

This automation means that you are not required to administer your Stripe account once created. You can even view your Stripe balance and payouts through our platform.

Stripe offers a whole variety of tools, reports and settings through their website, if you want to manage your account in more detail. Here are just a few examples of features you'll have access to:

  • Change the payout frequency to your bank account
  • Run additional reports
  • Access and download invoices for payment fees
  • Connect to other platforms using Stripe Connect

Once you've onboarded your Stripe account, Stripe may contact you for further information to keep your account in good standing. It is your responsibility to respond to these requests promptly, to ensure that your donations can be processed.

Learn more about how Stripe works with Visufund.

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