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Last updated: 16-06-2020

Social media settings

Share Image

Share image shown in Facebook post
The Share Image is the picture that's displayed when someone shares a link on social media.

Your share image is the picture that will be displayed when your page is shared on social media. This setting can be found in Page Settings.

You can upload your own image or use the default one provided. If your page is dedicated to someone special, you might want to share a photo of them here.

To ensure your image displays in its best format, we recommend a resolution of 1200px x 630px where possible.

Twitter Settings

These setting are only available to charities.

In Advanced Settings, you can update your Twitter settings to customise messaging when a supporter chooses to share your page on Twitter.

Page Tweet

When someone shares your page on Twitter, you can set the default Tweet that is displayed. By default, page shares say "Look at this fundraising page for [Charity Name]".

Donated Object Tweet

Each object on the page has its own URL, which means that your supporters can share their individual messages with their friends and family. By default, donated object shares say "Look at this gift to [Charity Name]."


When someone shares your page or their donated object, you can also add include a hashtag to the message. This can help you to promote your appeal or group together similar messages. If enough people share your hashtags at the same time, you might even end up trending on Twitter!

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