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Last updated: 05-10-2021

Signing up for an account

Create unlimited pages by signing up for a free Visufund account.

We offer three different types of account - supporter, corporate and charity. Read on to discover which account is right for you.

Which account type do I/we need?


For individuals who want to fundraise for charity or create message boards. Learn more about Supporter Membership.


Are you an employee who wants to create fundraising pages or message boards on behalf of your company? Signing up for a Corporate account will allow you to display your logo on all your pages, create additional user accounts for your colleagues, and give you the option to upgrade your pages for additional benefits. Learn more about Corporate Membership.


If you officially represent a charity or non-profit organisation in one of our supported countries and want to raise money through Visufund, sign up for a Charity account. This account type allows you to create your own fundraising pages, as well as allowing supporters to raise money for you. Learn more about Charity Membership.

AustraliaAU$ (AUD)
CanadaCA$ (CAD)
Ireland€ (EUR)
New ZealandNZ$ (NZD)
United Kingdom£ (GBP)
United StatesUS$ (USD)

How do I/we sign up?

Select which account you require from Sign Up and complete a short form to create your account.

We'll ask for the following information:

  • What country you're in
  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your organisation name (Corporate/Charity accounts only)

If you're signing up for a Charity account, we'll also need your registration number so we can verify your charitable status. In order to fundraise on Visufund, you must be legally recognised in your country as a charity, non-profit, or tax-exempt organisation. Therefore the registration number you provide should be a public number that has been issued to you by your country's Charity Commission or Charities Register, HMRC, IRS or similar.

Finally, set a password. This should be a minimum of 6 characters, containing at least one letter and one number. We advise you to set a unique password that you do not use on any other websites.

Do I/we need to do anything else before publishing a page?

If you're a supporter, you're ready to create and publish pages instantly! Find out how to create and publish your first page.

Corporate or charity account? You'll need to complete a few more steps to onboard your account before publishing your first page - this should take less than 10 minutes.

Learn more about onboarding your Corporate account.

Learn more about onboarding your Charity account.

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