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Last updated: 29-01-2020

Setting page web address (URL)


When you set your page title, the system will automatically create a suggested web address for you - you can change this if you want. This setting is available in General Settings of a page before it has been published, under Page address. Your page address has the following structure:

We advise separating words with hyphens, to make it easier to read and to help search engines understand the content. Once your page has been published, it is not possible to change the address, so please make sure you are happy with it before publishing.

Validation Requirements

You can use any lowercase letter, number or hyphen to form an address. You must enter at least 3 characters and not exceed 100 characters. You cannot use spaces or any other special characters in a web address.

Expanded Pages

Expanding pages is a feature which automatically (or manually) extends a page by publishing a new page when one fills up. Expanded pages retain the same web address to the original but contain a parameter at the end of the address. For example, if the above page was expanded to a second page, the new page would have the following address:

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