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Last updated: 19-08-2020

Photographs for Christmas Tree Templates


This document is a guide for charities who are required to supply us with a photograph for the purpose of a template design, incorporating their building or grounds and a virtual Christmas tree.


  • Ideally, a professional DSLR or mirrorless camera should be used, that can save images in RAW format.
  • A tripod is useful for gaining a steady shot, particularly in low light conditions and slower shutter speeds (eg. dusk, evening)
  • If the picture can only be take with a mobile phone, the shot should be taken in good light conditions, on the maximum quality setting with no filters or effects.


  • The orientation of the photograph should be landscape (not portrait).
  • The centre of the photograph needs to be the area where you would expect the virtual tree to be placed. This should be the focused area.
  • Use the widest possible angle, do not zoom in. Take the shot further away if required.
  • The perspective should be front facing at eye/ground level. Do not take the photograph from a height.
  • Imagining where the virtual tree will be placed, ensure there is excess scenery at the top, bottom and sides.
  • Avoid vehicles and people in your photograph.

Checks & Submission

Once you have taken your photograph, view the file on a computer (or device with larger screen) and check that the image has met the criteria above. The image should be in focus, framed correctly, not too dark or overexposed.

Please send us your photograph in either RAW (recommended) or JPEG format, in the original highest resolution.


This is the original photo sent by a client who wanted a Christmas tree in front of their building. Note how the image is taken from a wide angle with plenty of excess scenery.
We made some lighting adjustments and placed their virtual tree in the centre of the photograph. Again, take note of the excess scenery around where the tree is placed.
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