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Last updated: 24-02-2021

Page Summary

After publishing a page, a Page Summary becomes available in your Page Settings. This summary will allow you to quickly discover useful information about your page.


example of Activity table
Activity provides a summary of activity and total raised through the page


Shows the number of people currently viewing your page in real-time.


Total number of page views since publishing.


Total number of live transactions made on the page.


Total amount of all donations received on the page.


Total amount that the charity will receive (minus platform fees and Stripe fees). Hover over the question mark for a full breakdown.

Gift Aid (UK only)

Total amount of Gift Aid that the charity can claim from HMRC.

Objects summary

For each object on your page (including Donation Only in the final column), you will see a breakdown of how many have been:

  • Used - If an object has been used, it is no longer available. The object has been donated (online or offline).
  • Flashing - A flashing object means that a donor has selected it or saved it to their basket (in real-time). This object has been reserved.
  • Available - Available objects can be selected by anyone who visits the page. If no objects are available, the system will automatically publish a new page to increase availability. Read more about Expanding Pages.
  • Offline - The total value of all offline donations added to this object group.
  • Online - The total value of all online donations made on this object group.
  • Avg online - The average online donation amount for this object.
  • Total - Total of all offline and online donations for this object group.


The Page Analytics chart allows you to see page views vs donations over a set period of time. You can change the time period and grouping at the top, to learn more about how your supporters are interacting with the page. Unlike the chart on your Dashboard (which combines data for all pages), this chart is specific to one page only.

Read more about the Analytics Chart.



Shows if your page is currently Published, Closed or Offline. If a page is closed, supporters will still be able to visit the page to read messages but cannot donate or add any new messages to the page. If a page is offline, the page is no longer online and can only be seen by the person who created it. Read more about Page Actions.

Page address

This is the URL for your page. If you click on the link, it will copy to your clipboard, allowing you to easily share the address with others.

Page ID

Your unique Page ID. This field appears on your Reports for easy identification purposes.


The date your page was first created and first published.

Linked group

If your page is a member of a Page Group with 'Link Pages' enabled, you will see this here. If your page has expanded onto a new page, a group is automatically created. Read more about Page Groups.


If you do not want your page to be listed on the Visufund website, set this to 'Yes'. Setting your page to Private also discourages search engine indexing, which means your page will not appear in online search results (eg. Google Search). Supporters will only be able to visit your page by clicking on a direct link to the page, or if they know the Page Address.

Show link to latest page

By default, the system automatically adds a button to your pages linking to your most recently published page. This ensures your supporters are always directed to your most current appeal, even if they are visiting an old link. If you do not want this button to appear on your page, set this to 'No'.

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