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Last updated: 16-09-2021

Page Settings

To make your page unique, personalise any setting where you see the Edit Icon.


The name of your chosen template is displayed at the top of Page Settings, with a thumbnail image. If you wish to navigate back to the template description, simply click on the template name.


If you want to raise money for a charity through your page, click << Click or tap here to select a charity >> to find the organisation you wish to fundraise for. Once you've found your charity, click it and you will be navigated back to your page settings.

If you need to make any changes after choosing a charity, you have the the option to click Change charity or I don't want to fundraise to remove the currently selected charity.

If you cannot find the charity you want to support, they may not be a member of Visufund yet. If you like, you can contact your chosen charity and ask them to sign up for a free charity account. Once they have onboarded with us, you will be able to create fundraising pages for them.

If you do not want to raise money for charity through your page, you can leave this section blank. When you publish your page, visitors will be able to leave messages on your page and there will no option to donate.

Donation Mode

When a charity has been selected, the statement I would like donations on this page to be: Required or Optional is displayed. The following describes the behaviour of these options:

  • Required - The call-to-action on your page will be Donate. Supporters will be prompted to make a donation.
  • Optional - The call-to-action on your page will be Add message. Supporters will be given the option to donate by ticking a box.

When you receive any donations through your page, money is sent directly and securely to the charity's own account. You do not need to do anything else to ensure that your donations reach the charity safely.

Please note:

  • All settings above can only be changed before you publish a page
  • Charity account users cannot change or remove their own charity
  • The donations required/optional setting on Charity & Corporate Accounts is in Advanced Settings under Donation Mode

Page Title

Give your page a title so it can be identified easily.

The title of your page is important as it appears in various places:

  • Thank you emails - When someone supports your page, they'll receive an email with a link to view/edit their message. Your page title is included in this email.
  • Social media - When you share your page on social media, your page title is displayed.
  • Online search results - A good page title will improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and increase the likelihood of your page appearing in online search results.

Your page title is also used to set your page address. You can change this if required.

Page Address

Page Address can only be changed before publishing a page.

When you set your page title, the system will automatically create a suggested web address for you - you have the option to change this on any unpublished page. Your page address has the following structure:

We advise separating words with hyphens, to make it easier to read and to help search engines understand the content.

You can use any lowercase letter, number or hyphen to form an address. You must enter at least 3 characters and not exceed 100 characters. You cannot use spaces or any other special characters in a web address.

Redirects and embedding

If you would prefer to promote your fundraising page using an alternative web address, you will need to set up a redirect link from your preferred address to your Visufund page.

You can also embed your page on your own website and display a live preview of it, by inserting a specially crafted HTML <iframe> element on your website. Learn more about embedding.

Custom Image

Selected templates allow you to upload your own custom image to display as part of the design. This is a fantastic way to make your page completely unique.

We advise you to upload a high resolution image and use the cropping tool to ensure your picture is the right size and shape for the frame. You can view your page to see how it looks by clicking the View button from the top menu.

About Page

About Page is your opportunity to talk directly to the people who visit your page.

Visitors to your page will be able to read your story by clicking About Page from the menu. Here, they will be able to find out more about why you have created the page. If your page is a fundraising page, they will also be able to read more about the charity.

Structuring your story

Your story doesn't need to be long. Just a couple of sentences will help people to understand a bit about why you've created the page, what it's for, and how they can help. The following structure works well:

  • A bit about you
  • If your page is dedicated to someone special, write about them too
  • What you hope to achieve through your page
  • How people can help

Display name

Just below the About Page setting, you will see Display name. This shows page visitors who created the page. By default, this will be your name. If you're fundraising on behalf of a group, company or team, you might want to change this to something that your supporters will recognise.

Total & Target

fundraising target progress bar
A progress bar will be shown in the header of your page when you set a fundraising target

When you set a target for your page, a progress bar will be displayed in the header. You can change your target at any time. If you do not set a target, you still have the option to display the total if you wish.

For fundraising pages, you can set a financial target. For example, if you are aiming to raise £500, set the target to 500.

If you have not selected a charity for your page, you can set a target for the number of contributions you hope to receive through your page. For example, if you are aiming for 30 messages, set the target to 30.

Thank You Message

When someone contributes to your page, they'll receive an email with a link to view/edit their message.

You can also add your own personal thank you message to this email. A default message is provided, or you can edit this message by clicking on the edit icon.

Edit the thank you message by clicking on the edit icon (circled in red)

Page Share Image

When someone clicks on About Page or you share your page on social media, an image will be displayed. By default, this will be a picture of your chosen template.

You can upload a different image if you prefer. For example, if your page is dedicated to someone special, you might want to share a photo of them here.

Where possible, we recommend a resolution of 1200px x 630px to ensure your image displays in the best format.

Message Share Image*

Each message on your page will have its own URL. By default, if a message is shared, the Page Share Image will be displayed. If you want to use a different image for shared messages, you can upload an alternative image here.

Your charity logo will be displayed in the top left corner of your page. You can upload an alternative logo or image if required. We recommend using a PNG file with an image on a transparent background.

You can also choose a header type for your page. This can be any Solid Colour or Transparent (invisible).

If you select Solid Colour, you will be given the option to select a colour of your choice. We recommend choosing one of your brand colours or solid white.

Page logo and header
The page logo and header can be changed to suit your charity's brand

This setting allows you to create a supporter fundraising call-to-action button on your page. When a supporter uses this feature and creates a page, your charity is automatically selected as the beneficiary.


  • Any - Displays a button labeled Start fundraising and links to the template library.
  • Specific Template - Displays a button linking to a specific template. You can select any template from our library or one of your templates that you have enabled for supporter fundraising. A link is also included in the email receipt when someone donates to your page.
  • None - Displays no supporter fundraising button (not recommended).

Button text

If you have chosen a specific template, this setting allows you to customise the text displayed on the button.

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