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Last updated: 18-11-2022

Page Interface Settings

Call-To-Action & Call-To-Action icon

Choose your preferred text & icon for the main Call-To-Action button on your page by clicking the Edit button and selecting from the drop-down list.

  • Text options - Donate, Add message, Give, Dedicate, Contribute
  • Icon options - Heart, Speech bubble, Star, Pencil, Add/Plus, Pound, Dollar, Euro

Available object visibility

Set the opacity of objects that are available on your page. If you want supporters to be able to see the location of any remaining objects, increase the visibility to display a ghostly image on the page. Or, set to 0% (invisible) for a more dramatic effect when each object is revealed.

Fundraising invitation template

This setting adds a supporter fundraising call-to-action button in the page menu. When a supporter uses this feature and creates a page, your charity is automatically selected as the beneficiary.

Select one of the following options from the drop-down list by clicking the Edit button.

  • Any - Displays a button labelled Start fundraising and links to the full template library.
  • Specific Template - Displays a button linking to a specific template. You can select any template from the library or one of your templates that you have enabled for supporter fundraising. A link is also included in the email receipt when someone donates to your page. If you have chosen a specific template, you can customise the button text (see below).
  • None - Displays no supporter fundraising button in the menu (not recommended)

Button text

If you have chosen a specific template, this allows you to customise the text displayed on the supporter fundraising button in the menu.