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Last updated: 14-05-2023

Page Branding

Branding allows you to set a logo and combination of colours, to inject your own theme or organisation brand on your pages. These settings appear in:

  • Org Settings - For saving and applying to your pages
  • Page Settings - The branding settings on a specific page

Page logo/image

You can Upload a JPEG or PNG image file. This image is displayed top left in the side navigation menu on a page. For the best results:

  • Use an image at least 640px in height or width
  • Use a square image if available
  • Avoid wide banner/landscape images
  • Use an image with minimal margin (empty space) around the logo
  • If you have a mono version of your logo, try uploading PNG on a transparent background (Recommended)
If do not want an image displayed, click the Delete button.


The following colours are set by using the colour picker tool. Click on the coloured rectangular box to show the picker tool for each setting. If you are applying your organisation brand colours, obtain the hexadecimal RGB values so you can accurately enter their values (eg. #087aaf). Please note that text colours are set automatically to achieve maximum contrast, for readability and accessibility.


This colour is used for the header and main menu background. Page logo images are placed over this colour; so you may want to choose a colour that works together.


This is colour is used for buttons and highlighting selections.


This colour sets the background of important call-to-action / next-step buttons. This colour should be different to your Primary colour.


This background colour is triggered on mouse hover and click events. This colour should be different to the Primary colour too.

Message border

This is the border colour of the box which displays contributor messages. If you don't require a border, set this value identical to the Message background colour.

Message background

Although this can be set to any colour, we would recommend using white, light grey, dark grey or black for readability reasons.

Saving & Applying

If you are in Org Settings and you have already created some pages, you can apply these settings to ALL your pages by clicking Apply to all My Pages.

If you are in Page Settings, you can perform two actions:

  • Apply my brand defaults - This will set the branding of your page according to the settings in Org Settings
  • Save as brand defaults - This will save your settings in Org Settings for future application.