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Last updated: 25-04-2022

Onboarding your Corporate Account

Onboard your Corporate Account in less than 5 minutes and prepare to publish your first page!

Once you have signed up for a Corporate account, complete the following tasks to onboard your account:

  • Confirm your email address
  • Upload your logo
  • Supply your organisation address

All of these settings are in Company Account. If you need any help with these steps, read on for a more detailed explanation.

Email address

To help us validate your account, we ask you to click the link in the email you received from us when you signed up. If you didn't receive the email or can't find it, click on the notification in your Company Account to re-send it.

Upload your company's main logo. You will have the option to display this on your pages, either in the Page Header or within the About Page section.


Please tell us your company's address so that we can include it on any invoices if you purchase any products.

Once you've completed these steps, your account will be fully onboard - you're ready to publish your first page!

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