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Last updated: 11-02-2020

Message format options

When setting up your page, you have the option to change the message format. This setting can be found in both General Settings and Message Settings.

The following message formats are available:

  • [message],[from name] - eg. 'Great cause, very happy to support this charity, 'John'
  • To [to name],[message],[from name] - eg. To 'Sarah', 'Wishing you a very happy birthday', 'Michael'
  • Remembering [to name],[message],[from name] - eg. Remembering 'Grandad', 'We miss you loads!', 'Josh and Ellie'
  • Dedicated to [to name],[message],[from name] - eg. Dedicated to 'My beautiful wife', 'To celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary', 'Your loving husband'
  • [to name],[message],[from name] - eg. 'Katie', 'We think of you often', 'Sally and Jim next door'

Your chosen message format will influence the default questions asked to supporters - you can change these questions if required. For example, if you choose Remembering, the first question on the form becomes "Who are you remembering?"

You can see a preview of the message and form in Message Settings.

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