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Last updated: 12-11-2019

Linking pages

This document is only applicable to charity users

You can link your pages together by using tools in Page Management. This feature is useful when you want to increase the number of available objects in your campaign, eg. if your original page is nearly full.

Follow these steps to link your pages:

  • Duplicate your original page & publish the new one. There is a duplicate feature on a published page.
  • Navigate to Page Management
  • Click Create New Group & give your group a name, eg. "Awareness Week Campaign"
  • Add all relevant pages to the group
  • Set Link Pages to 'Yes'

Once your pages are linked, the system will automatically take the donor to the new page if the object they want is not available on the page they are viewing. It also adds buttons in the menu to allow your donors to navigate easily between the pages.

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