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Last updated: 26-07-2021

Inviting supporters to fundraise for you

When you realise the great number of benefits of supporter fundraising, you'll want to get started immediately. Use this guide to find out how to share template links with your supporters & encourage them to create their own pages for your charity.

Template Library

Your supporters can also choose any free template from our library to create a fundraising page for your charity.

If you want to encourage your supporters to create their own pages with a specific template:

  • Login to your charity account
  • Navigate to Templates
  • Click on the template you want to promote
  • Scroll down and copy the address in Supporter Fundraising
  • Share this address with your supporters by email or social media

This address will take your supporters directly to your chosen template. When they create a fundraising page using this address, your charity will be automatically selected as the beneficiary.

Your Templates

If you have any templates in My Templates, you can create some default page settings and invite your supporters to create their own fundraising pages with your exclusive designs.

Read a full guide on preparing a template for supporter fundraising.

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